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DNB Silenced Hammer

Leading the way in Breaker Technology.

Some of the quality DNB Breakers uses;

DNB D-series

Introduces the round shape of box housing which is more stylish and is equipped with dual tool retainer pins that extends the life of tool and tool bushing significantly. The new DNB program shall give you more satifaction by providing better performance with less investment.


DNB K-series

Challenge the ultimate breaking force. Now, you can see and feel it. Hydraulic and Nitrogen Gas Power Mechanism is adopted for DNB K-series to improve breaking forces much better.


As part of the DM Breaker Group, DM Breaker Equipment is proud to be the sole Australian and New Zealand distributor of DNB products incorporating the world renowned DNB Hydraulic Rock Breaker with its range of EPA Smart Silenced Breakers, Mining Range and Civil Contractor Series. The DNB Hydraulic Breakers have been one of the stalwart survivors in our tough and competitive market. With over 10 years of proven performance and reliability in the Australian market the DNB is your first choice.

Imagine the worst to produce the best. Our experience in breaking Blue Granite, scientifically proven to be one of the hardest rocks in the world, has created this philosophy. In order to break one of the hardest rocks in the world, a hammer had to be produced which was even stronger. That's why DNB Rock Breakers are built with the hardest conditions in mind. In all environmental conditions and in high production, DNB Breakers provide continuous breaking power, regardless of material.

The best raw materials are used to build each part of the hammer because we know that replacing tools and repairing equipment is not only an inconvenience, it also means time away from work and profits. Powerful impact energy and a variable impact rate, increase breaking frequency while decreasing time needed to get the job done.

DNB ll's series designed to meet tight noise regulations. These units are engineered to meet the conditions for silent demolition, such as for built up and residential areas, and enclosed commercial areas.

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